video packages and rates

At Walkabout, our goal is to develop the highest quality documentary of your wedding, with exceptional creativity and sophistication. We use 3-chip digital cameras for the best image possible. We bring multiple cameras so that we have several perspectives on the event (and back up cameras when we need them). In addition, we use top quality equipment such as fluid head tripods, a variety of audio systems including wireless microphones, and additional discreet lighting for low light situations.


•Double Coverage (2 Cameras/One manned)
•A High Grade master DVD of all Raw footage
•Unlimited locations within your contracted time

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1. Basic Edited Coverage: $995
  • Up to 2 hours of coverage;
  • up to 2 video montages, set to your favorite music;
  • One master edited DVD.

2. Silver Edited Coverage: $1995
  • Up to 4 hours of coverage;
  • up to 3 video montages, set to your favorite music;
  • Two master edited DVD's.

3. Gold Edited Video Coverage: $2495
  • Up to 6 hours of multiple camera coverage, including 2 manned cameras;
  • up to 4 video montages, set to your favorite music;
  • Three master edited DVD's.

4. Royal Edited Video Coverage: $3495
  • Up to 8 hours of multiple camera coverage, including 2 manned cameras;
  • Interviews with guests (*if you want interviews).
  • up to 5 video montages, set to your favorite music;
  • A Free wedding highlight DVD (*A ten minute piece showing the best moments of the day and posted to UTUBE for sharing!)
  • One memory video with up to 30 images included on a Master DVD to play at your rehearsal;
  • Five master edited DVD's.

5. Unedited Coverage: $350/hour
With our unedited coverage, you can have all the benefits of our top of the line digital video equipment, as well as our talented and experienced camera operator, without the cost of editing. Like edited coverage, we bring multiple cameras and wireless microphones.

6. The Memory Video: $250
Includes a collage of around 25 still images, put together with your favorite music. This piece incorporates some panning and zooming for a unique, sophisticated and fun piece. As well as a great heirloom, the memory video can be played at the reception and/or rehearsal dinner to entertain your guests!
* We can also provide the equipment for playing your video at the rehearsal or reception please ask us for more details

7. Highlight Video: $295
A fun, condensed version of your entire wedding coverage, running from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on your preference and the length of our coverage. This is a great addition to your master tape, and a great way to present your wedding to friends and family who may not have time for the full version. We actually re-edit the master tape with a mixture of video montage and real time footage, to create a fun, moving piece for a great small price.
Discounts / Incentives:
  • 5% of the value of coverage toward products for weekday weddings;
  • $50 toward products or services for each successful referral to Walkabout;
  • a free DVD given on request directly to your co-ordinator, reception planner or other wedding professional.

Other Important Details:
  • DEPOSIT: A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve a date. 
  • Additional coverage: $200/hr unedited; $495/hr edited. 
  • Highlight tapes (8-15 mins) $250 
  • Additional copies of the video, highlights, memory video or raw footage: $50/tape 
  • Other additional editing : $150/hr 
  • 20" Television & Video Rental for Highlight Video, including delivery and pick-up: $100/day 
  • Video/DVD projection system,including screen & speakers; includes drop off, set up & return pick up: $350/day. 
  • Mileage outside Boulder/Denver metro (price is per camera operators): Aspen: $200; Beaver Creek: $100; Vail, Keystone, Breckenridge, Colorado Springs: $90; Fort Collins, Estes Park, Castle Rock; $50; Lyons, Longmont, Chief Hosa, Evergreen, Genosee, Boettcher Mansion, South Denver: $30. We will also require a hotel room for evening weddings 100 miles or more from Boulder. 
For a full list of conditions of service, please download our video contract.