fine art portraiture

"A portrait is supposed to characterize an individual, to stress the features that distinguish the subject from the rest of humanity."

- Art critic Deborah Soloman, New York Times Magazine

To be able to communicate with a subject, observe, and then intuitively capture an image of that individual on film is our goal in portraiture. Whether we photograph a corporate executive, a high school student, a family or a one week old baby, our objective is to take photographs which look natural and reveal our subject's character. We try to make it fun for you at the same time.

A well made portrait takes planning. Its purpose and style dictate location, lighting, attire and other important decisions. We make every effort to ensure that clients will receive a portrait that they can admire and enjoy forever.

Prints are of the finest quality, and we are very competitively priced from around $150 for a one hour session. We accept most credit cards. Call us for an appointment or to schedule us today.