digital image manipulation

There are at least 2 ways that digital manipulation can really enhance a photograph. The first is the creation of a collage, or changing the original image / images into something different entirely; and the second is by enhancing or restoring an image and presenting it in the best possible way.

A digital collage can be a great addition to an album, or to put on the wall. Creating a digital collage involves a four step process which begins once a visual concept has been established. We can collaborate with you in developing ideas, or we can work directly from our own concept.

Collecting imagery for the collage is the first step. This imagery may include photographs, vows, the invitation or any material you provide, as well as any other elements we feel are appropriate. Preparing the collected images so they may be imported into a Photoshop document is the second step. Thirdly, we'll determine the key visual elements, and we'll compose those elements, into a form which best conveys the visual concept.

At this point we'll provide you with a low resolution digital sketch of the illustration. Generally we’ll send this to you as an e-mail attachment unless an alternate format is requested. Once the sketch is approved, the fourth step takes place, which is the creation of the final high resolution illustration. We have the most up to date equipment, and so the final image will be as close as possible to photo quality. The final cost will depend on the exact nature of the project, but you can look at $50 as a starting point.

Faded colors, cracked edges, spots, and rips are all signs of photo age.  We can restore your photos to their original condition, all without harming the actual photograph. Through the restoration and enhancement process, backgrounds can be altered, spots and cracks removed, glass glare removed, sharpness added and subjects can be combined or separated. A basic head touch-up is only $7.95/head (on top of our custom print charge), and more detailed work is $1/minute. We can also manipulate the image with hand-coloring or adding a tone to the final print. After all, you chose us as your photographer because you wanted exceptional photography... now let's make some exceptional prints!

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