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Albums Australia has built a reputation for producing world class, completely customized, hand-crafted wedding albums & presentation products.

The company's powerful mission statement is "to be as versatile and flexible as possible while providing completely customized products that are individually crafted by hand, at an affordable price". This sees Albums Australia now serving professionals throughout Australasia and the United States. 

The companies distinctive products includes 2 main lines: Magazine albums and the Designer range.


Imagine a wedding album that has no mats!

Imagine a wedding album made up entirely of back to back panorama photographs! 

Imagine a wedding album that is so strikingly different that bridal couples in Australia are willing to pay as much as three times their photographic coverage cost just to have one.   

Created to display the new trend of Digital Imaging, Magazine albums offer an exciting new way of presenting Professional Wedding & Portrait photography.

With the appearance of a “coffee table book", Magazine Albums display each photographic print as an entire page. Each album is custom made to your personal requirements in quantity of pages and cover materials. They are available in three sizes;

The Magazine accommodates an 11 x 14" or 10 x 14" image per page side or up to a 14 x 22" image across two facing pages that produces a Panorama look. Photographs can also be incorporated on the cover to keep that Magazine look.

Next size down is the Junior Magazine accommodating 5x7" or 6x8" photographs.  

Smallest in the line is the Mini Magazine accommodating photographs and proofs as small as 2x3" and as large as 5x4". 

The Designer Range

"Design-ability" is the best way to describe the Designer Series of albums. This is due to their ability to let you and your client personally design the covers, leaves and the composition and appearance of each mat, regardless of photograph format or size. In fact the designer will accommodate all image sizes up to a 35" Double Page Panorama print.

Handcrafted, Library bound spines allow the leaves in a Designer to lay flat regardless of where the book is opened or how large the album is.

Each album is built to your personal requirements and design. (Ordering is simple using the free Virtual TDA software). All of the leaves are perfectly aligned, with no movement from side to side as may happen in other binding methods.

Choice of Mat Colors & Textures

All of the Designer albums are available in your choice of Black Linen, White Linen or White Rezack leaves and mats. 

The mats for the Designer albums slide easily into the leaf through an opening on the edge and lock into position. A great feature of the Designer Album is that mats can be changed at any time which make errors easy to correct and displays inexpensive to update.

Using "Add On" or Personal Mats allow you to create mats consisting of any combination of print sizes or graphic designs.

Add Ons are pre-designed aperture sizes and combinations that make it easy and inexpensive to create mats that compliment your photos.

Personal Mats are computer programmed to the specifications of your desired shape or size. 

Panorama Pages

The Designer Series of albums allows for an impressive "edge to edge" Single page or Double Page PANORAMA feature. No mats are used, you supply the print and we mount it directly into the album, where you nominate. It's like having a wall portrait in your album.
Note that production can only begin on the Designer Albums upon receipt of the Panorama prints.

Keyhole Pages

The Designer KEYHOLE is a special page that consists of two opening panels. We cut an aperture into the panel which offers a preview of a small section of the photograph hiding behind.

Keyholes are also flexible in that you can choose a suitable aperture from our "Add On Cut Out" selector. You have a choice of 7 different Panel Opening options. You nominate which part of the photo is to be seen behind the "Keyhole".

Inlaid Cameos

An INLAID CAMEO is a attractive way of displaying cameo photographs on Designer album covers. Simply choose the size of the photograph that you will use and tell us where on the album cover you prefer it to be located.

Etched Metal Photos

Inspired by the introduction of our new "Fusion" metal covers, Etched Metal Photos are a modern alternative to the cameo cover photo. It incorporates a Hi-Tech process that actually etches your photo (colour or black & white) onto a .5 mm thick metal plate. Your image is indelibly imprinted into a metal plate as a black & white image. This plate can then be mounted onto our entire range of album covers. Print sizes as an Inlaid Cameo on normal cover materials can be up to 6x4" and may be chosen by using our Add On mat selector. However, for the new range of Fusion, EMP sizes are limited to 90 x 140mm and 60 x 90mm.

EMP’s mounted onto Fusion covers are surrounded by a black border to further enhance their presentation.  The location on the Fusion covers for EMP’s are restricted to the "just above center" position for all covers except for the Mk1 Horizontal which will appear "just right of center".
EMP’s are not available in the Timber Range of Cover materials.


12”x15” (Horizontal) & 15”x12” (Vertical): COVERS

Leather Like / Linen / Paper




Natural Grain Leather


Australian Timbers $300
Huon Pine with Cameo


Etched Aluminum $375
Brushed Aluminum


COST PER PAGE (2 sides) $30

MAGAZINE ALBUMS Magazine Album 11x14 or 10x14 Junior Mag 5x7” Mini Mag 4x5”
Leather Like / Linen $175.00 $130.00


Supersuede $225.00 n/a n/a
Leather $275.00 $170.00 $100.00


n/a n/a
Fusion $225.00 n/a n/a
Etched photo for Fusion


n/a n/a
Photo Cover (Extra) $35.00 $35.00 $35.00
Single Page Mounts


$10.00 $5
Double Page Mounts $35 $15.00 n/a

* the design and printing of photographs in the Magazine album are an additional cost

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